20+ Years of Experience in Professional & Broadcast Audio, Video

Our team of Experts have processed over hundreds of videos and image forensic investigations. We have provided expert testimony in over many cases in local, state and federal courts. Our professional audio video forensic lab can help you clarify the content into purposeful data by providing expert reports that are both clear and court-friendly.

7 time EMMY Award winning EXPERIENCE

About Us

20+ Years of Experience in
Professional & Broadcast Audio, Video

Todd Parks is a Criminal and Civil audio-video-image clarification, enhancement and authentication expert.

Todd’s professional audio and video career started after graduating with degree in Television and Film Production in 1993. Todd was successfully employed as Chief Photojournalist/ Video Editor at KLAS – CBS in Las Vegas and KNSD – NBC in San Diego. He managed a staff of 16 Photojournalists. Todd was also a Chairman with the NPPA – National Press Photographer Association for the California and Nevada region. He handled education, training, quality and the quarterly competition.

Todd elected to become a Freelance Photojournalist in 2001. He started his company Southern Image
Productions ( who also offers related video services to you. Todd began working for Court TV, Cold Case Files, Dateline NBC, ABC 20/20, and other crime oriented programs.

Todd is now an audio, video and image forensic expert. Combined with his forensic team, he leads decades of experience in the audio and imagery field. He has become a Certified Expert in Video Cleaner Software. Todd successfully completed eForensics Magazine Digital Video Forensics course and earned an Audio Video Forensic Analyst Certificate from the Electronic Technicians Association.

I have mentors and team members with years of experience in every aspect of the Forensic Analyst field. This includes teaching at LEVA (Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Assc.). Certification by the International Association for Identification as a Forensic Video Examiner and the National Technical Investigators Association as a Forensic Video Examiner. Teaching video analysis and evidence processing to police departments in Singapore, Hong Kong, Oman, Sweden, Manchester, U.K., Nottingham, U.K., Canada and across the United States.

What We Do

Our Services


Compare two images to determine if the objects, people, or vehicles are in fact the same or are different using image forensics…

Southern Image Productions

Southern Image Productions is the original sister production company and available for all video production needs.


Apply filtering to protect the privacy of individuals that have their identity recorded along with incident or crime…

Audio Authentication

Determine if your audio recording used as evidence is authentic or manipulated and generate opinions…

Forensic Video Analysis

Determine if video recording used as evidence is authentic or manipulated and generate opinions…

Digital Image Authentication

Determine if your digital images used as evidence is authentic or manipulated and generate opinions using image forensics…

Forensic Audio Transcription

Identify speakers, spoken words and transcribe with forensic accuracy…


Video or image enhancement uses non-destructive techniques to better see events as they occured… 


The audio enhancement processes will increase the “desired sounds” and overall voice quality…

Why do we exist ?

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We find the TRUTH

Through investigations by helping answer difficult questions using audio forensics, video forensics and image forensics..


PinPoint Forensics analysts and experts perform assignments from a strategic and unbiased perspective..

Popular Private Investigator Tools

Timing Visualization

This is one example of a timing situations that can be customized for any thing you need.

Time/Date Stamp

Time and date stamps that are added into a video that do not happen at time of recording are detectable. If an original time/date stamp has been cropped out then a new stamp is added, the new stamp is also detectable.

Injury Comparison

Video of any fraudulent physical behaviors that have video associated can be clearly presented side by side.


In this video example, the dark video on top is brightened, circled and paused to help clarify the situation.

Free Evaluation

Free evaluation...what's the catch?

No catch. To accurately evaluate your audio or video file, an enhancement lab must first clarify a very brief portion of that file. The process only takes a few minutes and the lab will gladly email that enhanced item so you can make an informed purchase decision. Enhancement labs that skip this critical step are either guessing, or plan to charge you hourly for “mystery” results.

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Why your evidence is relevant ?

Our Team helps our clients to understand their sometimes complicated digital evidence used in their case.

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